The features at a glance


Modern User Interface

Royal TSX features a beautifully polished and clean user interface.

Document list

Organize your connections and credentials in documents and folders to drastically reduce the time required to find a specific object.


Connection tabs enable you to easily and effortlessly access your sessions. In addition you can reorder tabs using drag and drop.


By using the overview tab you can get a quick overview of all connected sessions and even see them update live.


By default, the toolbar offers only the most often used commands but there's a multitude of other available commands that you can drag in.


Great Team Sharing Features

Keep your configuration in sync across computers and platforms.

Merge File on Save

Royal TSX can synchronize your document in memory with the one on disk (which might have been changed by another user). So, no need for SQL! Just use network shares or cloud storage services like Dropbox or SkyDrive.


Royal TSX documents are fully compatible with Royal TS (for Windows), Royal TSi (for iOS) and Royal TSD (for Android). Just make sure every platform you use can access the document and you're good to go!

Securely Share Connections

You can assign credentials to connections by specifying the name of the credential. This way you can share a document containing connections while the document containing your credential is private to you and encrypted using your personal password.


Protect and Encrypt your Documents

Encrypt sensitive data like passwords.


The cipher used in Royal TSX is regarded as being very secure. AES/Rijndael became effective as a worldwide standard used to encrypt top secret information. For best security use long and complex passwords!


Once you've configured encryption in your document(s), Royal TSX will prompt you for the encryption password when you open the application or an encrypted document.


Connection Plugins

Extend Royal TSX with the click of a button.

Install just what you need

Royal TSX is a plugin-based application. That means you can install just the connection plugins you actually need.

Constant development

Because connection plugins are separate from the main application you don't have to wait for a new application update to use a new connection type.

Need a special connection type?

If you have the need for a connection type that is not yet supported, drop us a line and we might be able to build a plugin for it.


Connection Plugins

Bring Royal TSX to life with Connection Plugins.

Royal TSX is a plugin-based application and is easily extendable. The most important connection types are already on board and we're constantly working on adding new ones.

All currently available 1st party plugins are listed below and can be downloaded and installed from within the application. If you'd like to get more information or see screenshots of a specific plugin, just click its title to expand it.


Credential Management

Keep Credentials safe and secure.

Easy access

Organize your credentials in folders for easy access - even across documents!

Sharing Connections Securely

Assigning credentials to connections by name allows you to share the document containing the connections without compromising your credentials. Royal TSX will look up and search for the credential in all other documents before the connection is established. Keeping connections and credentials in separate documents, each user can have an encrypted and protected document containing their personal credentials. The credential name just has to match the name configured in the connections.


Royal Passwords Browser Extensions

Use your Royal TSX credentials in your browser

Whether you're working on Windows or OS X, using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you can now access your Royal TSX credentials on your favorite platform, with your favorite browser!

Automatically fill web forms

Using the powerful Auto Fill feature of Royal TSX you can easily create mappings between your credentials and HTML elements.

These mappings can then be used by the Royal Passwords browser extension to automatically fill web forms.

Get an in-depth look at Royal Passwords here.


KeePass Documents

Use credentials from KeePass documents.

Using KeePass credentials

Royal TSX allows you to open KeePass documents and assign their contained credentials to connections just like they were native Royal TSX credentials.
That means, you can still use KeePass to manage existing and create new credentials, while still having access to them in Royal TSX at any time.

Import by Drag & Drop

If you want to import KeePass credentials into Royal TSX to get all the advanced features Royal TSX provides, simply drag and drop the credentials to one of your Royal TSX documents.


Colors and Icons

Create Visual Cues.


Each object in Royal TSX can have its own color. Just click the color button on the far right of the display name box and select the color you want. Optionally you can configure Royal TSX to show custom colors in the navigation tree or on tabs. Use custom colors to make production systems distinguishable from test systems or to distinguish different customers.


Folders and connections can have their own icon as well. Click the icon button next to the display name box to configure a custom icon.


Powerful Task Automation

Execute Commands. Automate tasks.

In a command task you can configure a program (executable, script or anything else that can be launched through a terminal window) and arguments to be executed right from Royal TSX.

Use replacement tokens to inject values from the selected connection(s).

Command tasks can be used on-demand on selected connections and in the connection configuration to be executed right before connect or right after disconnect (very useful for tasks establishing VPN connections).


Many Ways to Tweak...

Tweak the way Royal TSX is working.


Royal TSX offers many settings allowing you to tweak how the application behaves and how it should look like.

The settings range from user interface customization to logging options. Make Royal TSX work the way you want to work!


Many Ways to Connect...

Ad Hoc Connections, Connect with Options.

Ad Hoc Connections

Ad hoc connections are temporary connections which, by default, are removed from the Documents list when disconnected. If you want to keep an ad hoc connection, just drag it to one of your documents.

Connect with Options

You can create ad hoc connections in many different ways. You can, for instance, use the toolbar ad hoc computer name field, or the "Connect with Options" menu. The ad hoc feature is especially useful for terminal connections to open multiple tabs for the same connection.


AppleScript Interface

Automate repetitive tasks, build reports or import data.

Endless possibilities

Royal TSX provides a powerful AppleScript interface that allows you to automate repetitive tasks like connecting to a specific set of connections, build reports containing specific properties of your connections or even import connections from other sources, like CSV or Filemaker into Royal TSX.

Get going fast

The Royal TSX AppleScript interface is easy to use and has a low learning curve, even for non-programmers. It is also fully documented and the documentation is viewable using standard OS X mechanisms.

Constantly evolving

Have a need to access specific parts of the application that are not yet scriptable? Get in touch with us and we might be able to add the functionality in a future release.